This site has been developed to showcase the ARANZ Geo sponsored publication “Unearthing 3D implicit modelling”.

ARANZ Geo is the developer of 3D implicit modelling software ‘Leapfrog®’. The publication, released in 2014, was produced to mark Leapfrog’s ten year anniversary.
Amongst the pages of this site you’ll find opinion and insight from industry experts who all use and rely on implicit modelling. We hope that by sharing this expert experience and knowledge you’ll gain real insight into implicit modelling. We’d like to thank the authors for their contribution which they provided free of charge.

Modelling using algorithms

3D implicit modelling caused a paradigm shift in thinking when Leapfrog was first introduced in 2004. The software offered geologists the opportunity to move away from the tedious exercise of manually digitizing ‘explicit’ modelling to the automated computer generated ‘implicit’ approach. Computer algorithms directly create the model from a combination of measured data and user interpretation.

Limiting the risk of geological modelling

The advantages of the approach were obvious, what had previously taken weeks to complete could be done in days. Furthermore, the models easily took on board new information instead of users having to rebuild the model. Dynamic and responsive they saved time and money – potentially hundreds of thousands in missed opportunity or delay. The technique also offered users the opportunity to generate more than one model and consider multiple hypotheses, further reducing risk exposure.

Ten years on and the implicit approach is now mainstream and used by all of the major mining companies who rely on it to improve their decision making.

As well as providing a very useful reference, we hope the publication and this website help provoke more discussion and propels this exciting industry even further forward.